Saturday, June 13, 2015

Another 5 star review

We are so thankful and thrilled that we chose Lakeland Homes. Without a doubt, they have built our dream house! From the initial meeting with Andre to the construction with Mike it was evident that their utmost desire is to please their clients. We initially met with the architect, Jeff at Keen Studio and he listened and made all the changes we wanted to truly make it custom, to make it ours. W...e had many ideas for our house including an elegant wrought iron curved staircase. With Lakeland they were able to make this happen. They brought in Henry Thiessen at CS design who designed and fabricated the iron work and it is stunning. It is, in our opinion, a work of art. Also, we wanted an exact window design which we were told was very hard to find and sure enough Andre found them! With having built a house before, the difference is night and day. Mike and Andre were always there to answer our questions. We could call them anytime and we were never made to feel like we couldn't. Mike and Andre are very honest and kind people. They are exceptional home builders and people as well. We're extremely pleased with the process and and thrilled with the end result. We would recommend Lakeland Homes to anyone.
Lora and Nicole

Testimony to good value with Lakeland Homes

When Lori and I finalized our new dream home concept with the Designer, we started meeting with several home builders in Windsor. During the quoting process we met w Lakeland Homes and toured several of their model designs. One such home we toured was recently completed in 2014 and was on the 12th hole of Seven Lakes GC LaSalle just five minutes from our home in South Windsor. The only way we were going to move from our very comfortable first home was if we could find a lot on a local golf course and build our dream home. After thorough review, we decided to buy this home at Seven Lakes GC and sell our Roseland GC dream lot which is five minutes away. This Lakeland home has 90% of what we have in our design concept and some other features which are even better than our design concept such as a soaring two story ceiling with large windows in the Great Room for example. The property also has a view that in some ways is even better than our vacant lot at Roseland. It was kind of 'meant to be'. Being a detail oriented individual and having worked with my Father in his home construction business on weekends during my teens, I know home construction quality when I see it. With a growing Family and a demanding job in the auto industry I knew it would be much more difficult to build the home myself this time. This was a tough move after sixteen years of living in one home but it was well worth it. This Lakeland home is very roomy, comfortable, and absolutely stunning as it is themed towards our desire for Hampton style inside and out. Our Children have awesome bedrooms and we have a home of our dreams with lots of room for our frequent large gatherings with Family and Friends. Mike McMahon and his Team have struck the proper value equation to build quality homes, beautiful unique designs, at more competitive prices than most of the other builders in Windsor. Take it from me, a very picky individual for home construction quality, if you are in the market for a new home take a serious look at Lakeland Homes. They aim to please and their after purchase service is awesome. Mike Olar and his service team take care of everything promptly, with no question, no attitude, and an assuring smile. Andre Goulet, on the sales side of the business, was a real pleasure to work with also. We are Very Happy and all settled in waiting for Spring 2015 to finish the exterior landscaping!!! Thank-you Lakeland Homes.
Lori and Paolo Catenacci

Friday, June 12, 2015

We have so many positive things to say about Lakeland Homes and the experience of building with them.

We love our new home and have received so many compliments on the aesthetics and floor plan of it. We were pleased from the start knowing that we could customize a home to fit our family's needs. However, our satisfaction goes well beyond the "look" of the house.
We are so grateful to the Lakeland team for their consideration of us. Having four young children and both of us working full-time, scheduling was often tricky. During the planning process, Andre was always willing to meet us at our "old" house once our children were asleep. When we reached the building stage, Mike would ensure that our house was open on Sundays (since it was easiest for us) so that we could see the week's progress.
Both Andre and Mike made our schedule a priority, even when it seemed to be an inconvenience to their own family lives. We appreciate these gestures and it certainly made the whole process less stressful for us.
Since we are living in a new sub-division, other houses are still being built. As a result, we see many Lakeland employees and tradesmen as they are working on nearby homes. Everyone we encounter is friendly, whether they give a wave as they are driving by or they stop to ask how we are doing. Specifically, we would like to thank Fred for the help and assistance with various jobs around our house. Simply put, he is a pleasure to be around and a great guy.
When you talk to people who have built a house with other builders, you often hear complaints and negativity. We, on the other hand, enjoyed the experience because of Mike and his team. They kept us organized and gave us plenty of time to pick out materials. The contact people at the various stores were knowledgeable and gave advice as we made choices for our home. The few problems that did arise were addressed and solutions were reached. The Lakeland team is professional and personable. We are thrilled with the outcome of our house and would definitely recommend Lakeland Homes to others!
Danielle and Dave

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Beyond expectations

We bought our home from Lakeland and couldn't be happier. When it came to our next house, we had been looking for the right builder in the Windsor/LaSalle area for quite a while. Every time we stepped into a Lakeland Home we knew they were exactly what we wanted from a product standpoint. Lakeland Homes' attention to detail, fit and finish, style, and amenities fit our family's tastes and lifestyle perfectly. As with any new home buying process, those qualities are only the beginning. What really matters and what mattered most to us was quality service. It's all about the building experience, the relationship, and the trust between you and your builder. On top of great homes, customer experience and customer service is where Lakeland Homes excels beyond expectations. From our initial interactions with Andre, to our customization build with Mike McMahon and Nate, to follow-up with Mike Olar, everyone on the Lakeland Homes team was flexible, prompt, and professional. These qualities truly showcase the value of a Lakeland Home that you can't find with any other builder in the area.
The Varsava family - LaSalle, ON

Wednesday, June 10, 2015

If I had to choose one word to describe Lakeland Homes it would be Exemplary with a capital E.

Ahhhh...Lakeland Homes; if I had to choose one word to describe Lakeland Homes it would be Exemplary with a capital E; they simply “got it right”. We had an awesome experience building a house for the first time!
I had just taken a new job in Windsor and we were trying to decide whether to build or buy. We met with Andre Goulet of Lakeland Homes and the decision was made. I told Andre that I was very busy and I would need them to look after “stuff”, I said “Andre build me a good house; I need it in 90 days; I have no idea what it entails, and I don’t have time to be at the site”. His answer was “we can deliver” and deliver they did!!
As soon as the decision was made they took over. I was working 10 and 12 hour days learning my new job and weekends were spend driving to Milton where my spouse and our three children were waiting for the house to be built.
The house was started and the excitement began. At this point Mike McMahon took over and I thought to myself; I hope this guy is as good as Andre; I was not disappointed. Mike sent a spreadsheet with everything I needed to do and the completion dates. I’ve heard that sometimes with builders it’s the customer calling the builder to get things done, but in my case it was Lakeland calling to remind me that my input was needed. I would called Andre or Mike every other week thinking I missed something and the reply was “no problem, it’s taken care of”. This was the case time and again; me calling thinking I missed a cut off and the answer every time was “don’t worry Sandra, it’s done”.
Mike McMahon guided and assisted us in any decisions that had to be made such as colors, countertop, plumbing fixtures, flooring, etc. The businesses and affiliates of Lakeland Homes were equally professional, courteous, and just plain fun.
This company; from their work crews, associates, affiliates, contractors and the pool guy as stated before “simple got it right” They made the entire experience a fun and exciting process. We have been in our home for almost a year now and Lakeland didn’t build us a good house; they built us a great house. I would recommend Lakeland Homes and their affiliates with the highest regard.By the way Andre thanks for choosing the windows, the colors matched exactly what we wanted.
Sandra Cole - Belle River,ON

We saw the high standards that Lakeland delivers within a reasonable price range for a custom home.

We purchased a beautiful property with a golf course view off of Seven Lakes Golf Course in LaSalle Ontario. We then began the process of searching for a custom home builder that could build the dream home that we envisioned for our family. We looked at many homes that were recently built in the local area. There was a common theme that many of the homes we liked were built by Lakeland Homes. We went through a model home and the minute we walked through the doors, we knew Lakeland Homes was the builder for us. We saw the high standards that Lakeland delivers within a reasonable price range for a custom home. We worked with Andre Goulet to design optimal spaces for our family and we achieved a design that is spacious, offered great functionality for our young family and an exterior that was unique and beautiful with a side entry garage. Lakeland designed and built a home that fit our personal needs and it enhanced the beautiful golf view on the property that we purchased.The construction of the home was a seamless process with Mike McMahon. He addressed any questions during the construction of the home with ease and was a pleasure to work with. The follow-up service that they provided was fantastic and when we needed anything Mike Olar and Mike McMahon was there instantly addressing it. We believe that we received a great value for the size, quality and style of home. Thank you to Lakeland Homes for going above and beyond to build us our dream home.
Glenn and JoAnne

Tuesday, June 9, 2015

The quality and beauty of building your own custom home at a affordable price was unbelievable

We moved into our Lakeland Home over 3 years ago. We are as happy with our home as the day we moved in. We moved from east of Toronto and were used to the cookie cutter homes where you pick package A, B or C when building a house. We couldn't get over all the different choices we had when building our Lakeland home. The quality and beauty of building your own custom home at a affordable price was unbelievable and almost unheard of coming from East of Toronto. We built our house just the way we wanted and love it. Mike, Andre and the Lakeland team were outstanding and easy to work with during our build. Any ideas we had to make our house better for our family of 5 was no problem and easily obtained. Not only did the Lakeland Team build our dream home they also found a house for us to move into while our new home was being build. I have nothing but wonderful things to say about Mike, Andre, Angie and the Lakeland team. For this my family is forever THANKFUL to them for making our 4 hour long distance move go smoothly. Thank you!!
Tara, Mark, Siobhan, Ethan and Aedan